Friday, December 18, 2009


Today is my last day at the Montessori Country School, a school I have called home for the past 6.5 years. A couple of days ago I attended the Peace Celebration at our Milton Campus. Milton holds a special place in my heart, as I founded the classroom 3 years ago. Every time I attend the Milton school, memories flood over me - each piece of material that we ordered, every staff member that we interviewed, and every family that we met at an open house bring back thoughts of days gone by. But the Peace Celebration this year was different because what I observed was not the pieces but the whole picture. I was struck by the relationships that had formed; friendships between the children, staff and parents, and I realized that these relationships would last for a lifetime. I imagined children growing up together, parents helping each other navigate through the hectic days with young families and staff supporting each other through their teaching careers. The relationships are the legacy.

I'm sure that the staff in Canberra must be wondering who this guys is that's travelling across the ocean merely to change initials from MCS to CMS (eerie). I wish I had the self awareness to answer the question - maybe Marisa, Rosalie, Joanne, Jo, Joan or Nina could comment. This process of saying goodbye over the past 3 months has led me to the awkward and strange revelation that my main talent demonstrated over the past decade has been "Matchmaker" - who knew! still I've been called worse.

To MCS I say "so long" to CMS I say "see you soon".


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  1. Hey Jack,
    Beautifully put. I promise to be a follower of your blog! Thank you for your support, guidance and friendship for the past 2 years. We'll be keeping your MCS Milton dream alive!