Thursday, January 14, 2010

Darling Harbour

I can't imagine that there could be a more romantic sounding destination in the world than Darling Harbour in Sydney. Except that when Australians say the name it comes out as "dRlung aRbore" I suppose it looses something in the translation. This is where I'm stationed for the next few days, learning all about the Independent School world in NSW and the ACT, that is the AISNSW and AISACT, it is a fact that Australians love shortforms and acronyms.

What is also a fact is that the Independent School movement in Australia is huge. Between 15 - 20% of students are educated in Independent Schools, which must make it one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to private education. So far (early days) I am impressed with the progressive attitude towards education in Australia.

I'll be here through the weekend, also spending time catching up with the Montessori Australian Foundation (that's MAF don't you know). 5 nights in Sydney is great but I am missing Canberra - looking forward to spending a bit more time getting my life organized next week - there may even be permanent lodging in my future on Monday - hurray.

Well that's all from "Cockle Bay".

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