Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm singing... the rain. Yes, its raining tonight in Canberra. This is monumental - as it hasn't done this sort of thing since I've been here, which is one day shorter than a month. With any luck this might just downgrade the fire safety measure from extreme to severe and wouldn't that be a blessing. Once you get past extreme the next step in catastrophic which means that if a fire were to break out - you're on your own.

Now yesterday there was no rain at all which is understandable as it was Australia Day. I spent the day at Commonwealth Park enjoying the typical patriotic displays whilst all the time searching for shade. Australian are experts at finding shade in fact I think that may be the defining element of Australian culture "the search for shade".

I also discovered yesterday that the fine beer drinking song "Waltz in Matilda" is not the National Anthem (go figure) - apparently it never was; just as well I have not clue what that song is about anyway, who exactly knows where Matilda has been or why the band is encouraging her to waltz anywhere - still after a significant volume of "grog" has been downed a rendition of that song leaves nary a dry eye in the house.

Alas the rain has stopped which officially means that this blog entry has gone too long. Off I go to the pub, I understand that young lady will be waltzing in shortly.

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