Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Yes, I can confirm that the constellation Orion is totally upside down in the southern hemisphere - head down, sword to zenith- quite a sight to behold.

I have arrived in the Capital of Australia, and is the case with most capitals, it becomes a dumping ground for every Australian complaint - storms (Canberra's fault), taxes (Canberra's fault), financial crisis (Canberra's fault), athlete's foot (you get the picture...). It's like the man I met on my first day who was trying to reach the airport and he asked me for directions. I explained I couldn't help him as this was my first day in Australia. His response "your first day in Australia and your spending it in Canberra - I think you need a psychologist mate!"

That may be the case but in my humble opinion this is a beautiful city. It is like a huge sprawling park, with city hidden amongst the flora and fauna. The sprawling part can be a bit of a hassle if you want to zip around but its a joy if you want to take in the countryside.

I am sitting at my office in Mulley Steet today trying to get organized, lots of fun. Next week I am off to Sydney for an independent school conference on compliance - it will nice to see the big city again.

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