Sunday, February 14, 2010

Let the Games Begin

16 hours of Olympic coverage each day gives everyone more than enough time to release their inner Canadian.

It was a little strange watching the opening ceremonies from Canada while living in another country. I kept thinking what people in Australia would think about the opening ceremonies and the tributes to Canada, do we all live off a diet of Salmon, fly across the prairies like pixies and canoe down the Ottawa river while playing the fiddle, um - OK. I think what was most profoundly Canadian about the open ceremonies was how organized it was - every participant educated before hand about how to participate - yes in Canada we script our spontaneity. I also love that we hired a foreign company to produce the show that is truly Canadian. And of course when the cauldron didn't quite work in the grand finale I couldn't help but feel right at home.

Watching the Olympics from Vancouver and Whistler will be great, we are flying the Canadian flag proudly and we are posting medals in our window every time a Canadian reaches the podium. It should be a fun 2 weeks.

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