Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Caves

Easter coming up and we have a lot planned. We are heading up to the Jenolan Caves for a little spelunking. After, we are headed to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains and then back to Sydney. Somewhere in there is a golf game in Braidwood as well. It sure is nice to be able to experience so many different places.

Of course the more things change the more they stay the same; Hannah Montana is into some major hi jinx on the TV tonight and that's only the preamble for an hour of Survivor to follow. It's like we never left!

First term at the school has only a week left to go. Each school term is its own Marathon but this one seems like its been a sprint. Lots to see and do and so many new people to get to know.

Good times

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quarterbacks and Teachers

I just finished reading a great article by Malcolm Gladwell. He draws a parallel between teachers and NFL Quarterbacks. I hadn't thought of it before but I think there is something to it. The Quarterback dilemma states that you can never tell if a college quarterback will ever make it in the NFL because you can never replicate the set of conditions that exist in the NFL, so you can never evaluate the candidate. There are a litany of examples that back up the theory.

Good teachers are worth their weight in gold as everyone knows, but how can you find them. I think the analogy to the quarterbacks is fair - you can never tell the characteristics that would make someone a great teacher as you can never recreate the circumstance of 25 children in front you and you with something to teach.

Maybe rather than selecting better candidates for teaching we need to simply try more people at it, find those that have "it" and train them.

Interesting...thanks Malcolm you always leave me thinking.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

This week I learned...

A Canteen cannot be called a Canteen in Australia due to legal requirements...

I have been asked to attend a PTT meeting hosted by ISTTA on behalf of the AISNSW...

My wife is joining HENSCAST and seems happy about it...

I can drive the green on the 14th hole at Gunghalin Lakes (sunk the 10 footer too)...

Canberrean Cab drivers blast the heat when the temp dips below 18C...

There are more lost shoes in Canberra than any other place in the world...

I can drink a beer on a flight from Canberra to Sydney (2 may be the record...)

I continue to bring rain to Sydney (my bad!)...

The Quantas Club is an excellent innovation...

Australian eggs have no taste (well at least not the cheap ones we buy)...

It`s all good

Monday, March 8, 2010

Jelly Legs

Museums. I think I like them. I have now been to a couple of them here in Canberra. First was Questacon and today was the National Museum of Australia. Both times as I was wandering around my legs gave out. I can ride my bike all around the Lake but the minute I set forth in a museum I can't walk 15 feet without searching for a bench.

My legs turn to pudding and I end up walking 30 miles behind my family begging for an elevator.

Good thing I moved to the city of museums.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Rainy Night in Sydney

Took the family to Sydney. They loved the harbour and the waterfront at Manly Beach. Who doesn't! Still, every time I go to Sydney it rains and I end up getting completely lost, generally looking for something to eat. No exception on Friday night, returning with my family - the road to Canberra was jammed (Sydney siders may insert a joke here)so I wandered into a suburb looking for dinner - nothing, seriously nothing was open. Friday night at 6 pm, malls closed, shops closed, restaurants closed - everyone is "out" there is no parking to be found yet every restaurant I try is a dead end. Finally my son spots Hungry Jacks and its game over that's where we must eat (Hungry Jacks is Burger King in Australia - heaven help us!). Today my internal organs are recovering from the "Angry Angus", I have a total body hangover.

I am in desperate need of a chain of family restaurants that I can punch into the GPS and I'll be in good shape. Coincidentally in Canada my go to restaurant of choice was the Outback...um not in Australia - the folks here just wouldn't go for Alice Springs Chicken, they would understand the contradiction. The 4 hour ride back from Sydney in the rain was painful and its the first time I truly missed Canada - there is no drive that can't be made better by a Tim Horton's coffee and 24 chocolate chunk cookies.

Long weekend ahead, Canberra Day!