Friday, March 5, 2010

Rainy Night in Sydney

Took the family to Sydney. They loved the harbour and the waterfront at Manly Beach. Who doesn't! Still, every time I go to Sydney it rains and I end up getting completely lost, generally looking for something to eat. No exception on Friday night, returning with my family - the road to Canberra was jammed (Sydney siders may insert a joke here)so I wandered into a suburb looking for dinner - nothing, seriously nothing was open. Friday night at 6 pm, malls closed, shops closed, restaurants closed - everyone is "out" there is no parking to be found yet every restaurant I try is a dead end. Finally my son spots Hungry Jacks and its game over that's where we must eat (Hungry Jacks is Burger King in Australia - heaven help us!). Today my internal organs are recovering from the "Angry Angus", I have a total body hangover.

I am in desperate need of a chain of family restaurants that I can punch into the GPS and I'll be in good shape. Coincidentally in Canada my go to restaurant of choice was the not in Australia - the folks here just wouldn't go for Alice Springs Chicken, they would understand the contradiction. The 4 hour ride back from Sydney in the rain was painful and its the first time I truly missed Canada - there is no drive that can't be made better by a Tim Horton's coffee and 24 chocolate chunk cookies.

Long weekend ahead, Canberra Day!


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  1. reading your blogs! "Hungry Jack's" eh? Well hey what can be better than a scrumptious burger on those nice beaches there and I bet the temp is pretty nice too!? Outback restaurant! Hey do they have "the bloomin' onion" there at least? Loved that!