Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Is there any topic that cannot be made into a reality show. So you think you can floss..Laundry with the Stars...surely somewhere a tv producer is cyber stalking my blog saying hmmm maybe...

Reality TV is the ultimate disruptive innovation. Take a market, create a low cost, low quality product that is easily accessible and watch supply create the demand. As a business concept it is actually quite brilliant.

Then there are those of us that work in industries that can't take short cuts, we must make small incremental gains and take a careful approach to change. It's like that in schools, 2400 years after Aristotle there is still no royal route to Algebra and in the words of that famous educator Diana can't hurry love.

Speaking of love, it's back to my roots this weekend at the Highland Gathering in Bundanoon. Mackenzie is dancing and I'm feeling a caber toss coming on...let the games begin!

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