Monday, August 16, 2010


Head up to Sydney but don't stop; as a matter of fact don't even slow down - just keep on trucking North. If you dare, jump off the main highway and wind your way through "Broke" until you find your self in Singleton; home of the World's largest sundial. But don't stop for long - just a quick pit stop at the Caltex and head west along the New England Highway past the coal mines and transformers of Muswellbrook and if you can't make it all the way to Scone, just stop off in Aberdeen, New South Wales.

When in Aberdeen you may only stay at the Segenhoe Inn! Just go up the stairs and the 19th century comes alive. I recommend staying in the Maid's quarters, two twin beds and enough frilly furniture to unlock your inner daintiness. If you are lucky, Cherie will be there to serve you breakfast and make you feel at home. We were not so lucky. Cherie was away; but we had Rhett - not a bad second choice. Rhett had the fireplace crackling every night upon our arrival back to the homestead. Once we had our feet up Rhett became our personal butler...frankly Scarlet...

The region is called the Upper Hunter Valley it's where rural Victorian England meets the outback...coal mines, coal miners, freight cars, power plants and of course...wineries. Every town along the way from Mudgee to Peaks Pass has its own distinct character, yet at heart they are all so similar. Case in point - there are two eating establishments in every Upper Hunter town, one's a bar and the other is a Thai restaurant, even Aberdeen "gets it's Thai on". The other less demure similarity is that every homestead sells excrement at the side of the road and we found in Wollombi that you can drop $2 in the honour box and haul away a half ton of horse poo; you laugh, we have pictures.

Thanks Mack, another great weekend!

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  1. I'm thinking maybe you shouldn't write tourist brochures.