Sunday, December 12, 2010


I have mentioned before that the Rice's brought the rain to Canberra after a decade long drought. A favourite pastime of Canberrans is to watch the daily Dam Capacity. When I arrived it was routinely in the 45% range, but after only a few months of Rice residency the dams had filled to an unheard of capacity of 80%. The locals who had endured the desert like conditions were so appreciative. Their appreciation took a turn last week when after two more weeks of torrential rain the dams hit 100% and flooding ensued. Fortunately we are in the high ground but some suburbs were not as lucky. Extreme is definitely a feature of the Australian climate, no doing things half way.

I think I have the recipe for discontinuing the drought and having the sunshine once again prevail. My Mother in Law is arriving in Janaury and she has a way of bringing sunshine with her where ever she goes. I predict lots of warm days and sun all through the month. When they were handing our Mother in Laws I won - big time.

It's only 2 weeks away but we are planning a traditional Rice Christmas. For us that means leaving town, heading to a five star resort, sunning by the pool, ordering room service, playing a little golf, eating out and checking out the Casino. Gold Coast here we come!

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