Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's a Parade

Spent the last 2 weeks, doing what I do best - gathering no moss. Although it was a challenge as no matter how far I travelled the rain followed. Torrential, hurricane, flood producing precipitation that would wet your socks and dampen a golfers dreams.

First it was the Gold Coast. 3 nights, nice spot but that was plenty. One game of golf and lots of wandering. Overall an over rated beach and surf shops to end of time.

Next it was Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road! You just have to be impressed with the costline from Geelong to Port Campbell. Despite the rain it didn't disappoint. We also took a side trip from Melbourne to Phillip Island, home to the fairy penguin parade. Quite ridiculous really - 1000 humans snuggled up in the rain and cold waiting 2 hours, without appropriate weather gear, for a bunch of Penguins to come back from their daily 15 hour swim, watching them gathering together under the cover of darkness to waddle to shore to find their homes for a short night in the sheets, before repeating it all again the next morning. I have to imagine that the Penguins get tired of the tourists eyeballing them every night, but good on them for not disappointing. Can't say the same for Koala's, if you hit the right spot, you can easily see 40 of them sleeping in the gumtrees on the Southern Coast. But Koala's don't waddle or do much of anything, they are nothing but a furry disappointment.

Nice to be back in Canberra. I'm looking forward to catching the new baseball team in town "the Cavalry" as they finish up their season and there should be lots of golf in the near future.

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