Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Live Long and Prosper

44 is old! But it's also an accomplishment!

I don't dwell on the years but I do seem to get a bit sentimental about the double digit ones.

11 was great; at that age I was the best 11 year old baseball pitcher in Canada. By 22 - I was still the best 11 year old pitcher in Canada. Alas. But at 22 with my baseball career in ruins I began my courtship of my future bride, a courtship that continues today, and my success at which, is measured daily.

At 33, I decided to start running and weightlifting, despite a few agonizing back injuries and knees that produce some weird clicking noises, I continue to try to get to the gym. I hope to get there as often in the next 11 years; I'm not sure if resistance training is the fountain of youth, or a sure way to use up valuable heartbeats - time will tell.

In 2000, I also decide to pursue a Masters degree in Business. Now at 44 I see how many doors it opened for me. This past year the passageway opened to Australia, why not! What's next? who knows.

At 44 I can see a few monumental changes in the near future, my son (12) will be taller than me any day now. My usefulness in domestic parlance has always been my ability to get down glasses from the top shelf and my uncanny knack of opening the stubborn pickle jar - I see now that there is a new sheriff in town. As for my reign as Rice Family golf champion, it's all but over, Mackenzie has me in her sights. It's taken her 7 years since she began the game to overtake me, but it won't take seven more, I'm living on borrowed time. I hope I'm as gracious in second place as she's been...doubt it.

I was watching that new Star Trek film the other day. The one where the 22 year old Spok meets himself as an aged, feeble non pickle jar opening old man - at least 44! I imagined writing that part of the screenplay and wondering what it would have been like. Those that knew me at 22, would say that I was painful "know it all" and a general jackass. I probably wouldn't have had the time of day for myself. I'd see a 44 year old sentimental fool. A guy that sees the grey in everything and thinks that change can be a challenge. I bet I'd look back at that 22 year old guy and try to tell him not to be so judgmental and to be nicer to those close to him, but I know first hand that he wouldn't listen.

Well enough of the self reflection; too much to do and the time ticks on. The next time I'll reflect on the double digit anniversary I will probably be giving a way a bride, or buying a new driver so I can still hit it half the distance I used to. And when I get home I'll get Malcolm to get that glass off the top shelf and mix me a rye and coke (ah yes, somethings never change).


  1. HiJack! I just figured out how to become one of your blog followers, which is pretty good for someone in my double digit range!
    I didn't know you were a talented writer, too!
    I'll make sure to have some unopened pickle jars waiting for you on your next visit, so you don't get rusty!
    Say hello to Shannon, MacKenzie and Malcolm.
    Lots of love, Debbie

  2. Thanks Debbie, Thanks for reading, it will inspire me to write more! Miss you guys, come and visit soon!!