Monday, October 24, 2011


I have written a number of blogs (offline) lately, all very philosophical and upon reflection none fit for human consumption. I am a writer now, after all, and therefore need to ensure that I am immensely critical of myself and maybe even tortured by my art form. LOL.

So, in place of my long winded attempts at profundity I offer instead a few mere updates to tide my readership over, and make people beg for more.

Malcolm began the baseball season as the starting pitcher for the Weston Creek Indians. In the first game of the year he struck out 9 batters over 3 innings; you can’t do much better than that! It could be that the foot that he has grown in the past 18 months, has finally reached equilibrium and allowed him to throw a bit more accurately. Go Malcolm.

Mackenzie shot an 82 in the final round of the women’s club championship at the Federal Golf Club, good for 3rd place. She continues to amaze me; she is a testament to what can be accomplished when you’re just willing to outwork the rest of the field. Had the tournament been held 6 months from now I’m pretty sure that the first place winner would have had spare spot on her mantle.

Shannon and Malcolm continue to plan their Canadian Christmas odyssey. In place of an advent calendar they have made a 3 month container of gummy worms that need to be eaten before they depart. I’m convinced that their first stop in Canada will be a dentist.

School rolls along. After the spring fair on the last weekend of October it is a 6 week hay ride to the finish. The end of October should be perilously close to Halloween, however it is not celebrated in Australia. I can’t see a good reason why it shouldn’t be, I love Halloween as its one of the few holidays where friends can do something together and the community gets to interact. Most other occasions are sequestered into “family” gatherings and as someone that grew up without relatives, I always felt a bit non-plussed around the holiday times, as no one was around and nobody could be disturbed from their precious family agendas. Bitter?

I was pleased to see that the New Zealand All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup. I’m sure like Canadian hockey players the feeling for the players is more relief than jubilation as they carry the hopes of 4.4M New Zealanders on their shoulders. Not that I understood much that was going on in the games, nor would I ever want to give it a go, truly victory in that sport must be when you leave the game with the same number of ears and testicles that you started with…one, two, yep all good.