Sunday, November 20, 2011

The cup runneth over...

Mackenzie and I went to Melbourne this weekend to see the President's Cup. We were pretty excited to see Tiger Woods and the gang. Friday night's flight to Melbourne was a debacle. We boarded the plane late, flew to Melbourne, circled the city for 45 minutes hoping to land, couldn't get clearance due to storms in the area so turned around and flew back to Canberra. Then waited for an hour on the tarmac in Canberra before taking off again and heading to Melbourne. We ended up getting to our hotel after midnight and scarfing down McDonald's before lights out. 6:00 a.m. came early but we were psyched despite the constant drizzle that descended upon the city. We were at the course by 7:00 a.m. and watched 11 consecutive hours of golf. We got extremely wet but it couldn't dampen our spirits.

On Tiger: We couldn't get over how little he is - Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson, Steve Stricker, Dustin Johnson, Bill Haas, Ernie Els, Adam Scott all tower over him. If he's 6'2" then I'm the jolly green giant. He is extremely fit, I admit, and his tight red shirts provide the illusion of bulk on television, but he's no more than 180 lbs. If I were to compare him to another athlete up close in terms of size, it might be Wayne Gretzky. And that would be a good comparison because as a player he is beyond superb, he plays with an understanding of the game that is unparalleled. Even in a collection of the best players in the world it takes about 10 minutes to realize he's in a class by himself. Socially he seems a bit awkward but as a player he did not disappoint.

On Royal Melbourne: The course gave the pros fits. There were so many short Par 4's which meant that the players had to really think about position rather than just "bombing it". The greens would have eaten me up and spit me out. Not exactly a downtown course, a bit off the beaten track, but a great test of golf. You can't really imagine how difficult they make the greens for a professional event, just nasty. Jason Day shot 45 on the front 9 on Sunday! That's a few more than Mackenzie and I usually take to get around on a social Saturday afternoon, wow poor Jason. The crowd at Royal Melbourne was super quiet. There were a great group of Aussie supporters that tried to get in the spirit but the rest of the gallery seemed in awe of the event. Overly polite I'd say, it was nice to see though.

On Lemon, Lime and Bitters: No idea what actually makes up this drink but I'm hooked.

On Fatherhood: My daughter is awesome. She is game for everything. Rain, cold, greasy food, 5 hour plane rides that should have been an hour...just deal with it. When we arrived, we walked through the gates and I said, there he was Phil Mickelson on the practice green, and Mackenzie's eyes got as big as saucers. The look on her face was priceless.

On Bubba Watson: He is easily 6' 3" - but his wife is taller. Yowza! She was walking around for the entire event in the rain on Saturday, what a trooper. Bubba is a weird kid, but pretty likable I must say. Webb Simpson's wife wore rubber boots on Saturday and somehow pulled it off as a fashion statement...some women can wear anything. Overall the Americans had cuter WAGs, which is really the true competition isn't it? WAG = Wives and Girlfriends, and yes that is an official President's Cup moniker.

Best chant of the day: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie...Choi, Choi, Choi!

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