Sunday, January 22, 2012


Mackenzie and I had an interesting week. We hosted a professional golfer visiting Canberra to play in the Ladies Classic at Royal Canberra Golf Club. The young woman was a delight; she plays on the European Tour and travels the world playing the sport she loves. Mackenzie was able to caddy for Beth in the pro-am tournament on Thursday, an eye opening event for Mackenzie who assumed that an amateur playing with golfers in a pro am would know how to play...nope. Instead Beth and Mackenzie spent the day trying not to get beaned by wayward Titleists. I enjoyed attending the golf, and was impressed with a few of the players that clearly know how to play the game that I play "at".

The end of January is coming soon, and with it comes the end of the school holiday. Still, we have Australia day this week and I will continue the Aussie tradition and probably be on a beach somewhere, not singing "Advance Australia Fair", or whatever they call the National Anthem these days.

February will also see the resumption of Malcolm's baseball season and I am looking forward to seeing him back up on the mound on Saturday mornings.

So it's all back to routine soon enough after a splendid summer.

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