Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I have started writing a book. I have two chapters complete. It's about golf, Canberra, redemption, bad poetry and good scotch. I'm giving myself until the end of 2012 to finish. So many people have told me they enjoy my blogs that I was inspired to do some extra typing.

I also got very close to auditioning for a play in Canberra. Some theatre group needed a mid 40's, bidnessy, boss type, stooge. Unfortunately it was a musical. Lesson learned - read the fine print.

Malcolm goes for the perfect season on Saturday. His baseball team is 13 - 0, and playing their final regular season game. Stay tuned.

Mackenzie is back to playing match play this weekend and all going well will be in the grand final the following weekend. I'll be on the bag.

Our new sofa set arrived. Well at least I think its ours. It bears little resemblance to the one we painstakingly picked out in the store. But the issue is; its better.....shhhhhh.

School continues to hummmm along, the 3rd year might be the charm.

I had a quick trip up to Sydney last week which included an overnight. I was so tired I left the bar before 1 a.m. , with apologies - I know my readership will be shocked by my early end to the evening.

I have the Syracuse Orangemen making a deep run in the NCAA tournament, I suggest those that know my history bet the other way.

The Masters coincides with Easter Monday this year in Australia. This is huge, the torture of being at work Monday morning while the tournament is finishing is too much to bear.

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