Monday, April 9, 2012


I've taken a couple of days of leave and I'm spending it with Mackenzie up in Queensland while she plays in the Australian Girls Amateur championship. It will be lots of fun, I'm sure. We are staying near Carbrook which is half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It is also equidistant to "Cleveland" which makes me smile every time I see the name on road signs.

Malcolm did win his Grand Final in Baseball, he was the winning pitcher and had 2 singles in a hard fought 3-2 victory. Congrats Malcolm.

Shannon and Malcolm will be heading up to the Gold Coast for a few days of beaching with us as I am at a Montessori conference there on the weekend. I have never had all that much fun at the Gold Coast but I'm holding out hope for this visit. It all depends on the weather, rainy days on the beach aren't a whole lot of fun.

My book is coming along well. I have written 30,000 words. I'm about half way through the story. I have not gone back and re-read it yet, I'm sure its a disaster but it has been a lot of fun to write. I tasked the students at my school with all kinds of writing opportunities this year, so I figured it was only right that I do a little myself.

...well off to the course, practice round today!

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