Sunday, May 20, 2012

First Draft

It's been too long since my last blog. Not that I haven't been writing. I have just reeled off 70,000 words which may or may not form the basis of my first novel. I say that because the tome is in first draft condition and now I need to start the editting process. I fear correcting the many grammatical errors and inconsistencies might be more gruelling than I am up for! I have purchased several books on grammar; a topic in school which obviously did not take the first time through. What I really need is someone that was educated in Britain anytime between 1935 and 1972, who has the rules of syntax and diction emblazzened into their subconsoius to edit it with a red pen. Any takers?

Mackenzie continues to hit the golf course every single day and endure the ups and downs of the silliest game every invented. Malcolm and I have joined a badminton club and attempt to chase and hit the most ridiculous looking feathered object ...with varying results. Shannon is now working full time teaching a grade 1/2 split, and like always has poured both her heart and soul into the enterprise.

We are half way through second school term here in Canberra. I have just started to look for our next vacation destination. A walking tour in Tasmania or a quick flight to fiji (or feeeeeegeeeee as it is pronpounced in 'stralian), is currently on offer. I'd love to do the tour of Tassie but fiji might look pretty good in July (that's winter folks).

Can't wait to get home and comendere Malcolm's IPAD for a game of scrabble. I play only a modestnumber of games every day (like 5). I have to do something while Malcolm obsesses over Baseball tonight - you'd think he had inherited a defective gene that leads him to be obsessed with the game (nah).

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