Sunday, June 3, 2012

An Inspector Called

Shannon and I took the family to J.B. Priestley's morality play, "An Inspector Calls", on the weekend. The kids thought it was a little pedestrian. I always enjoys the production for what it says about the connectedness of human existence and the way we get through life by "positive pretending". Priestly chooses 1912 as the setting, 2 years before Europe set forth to destroy itself and just a week before the Titanic hit an Iceberg in the Northern Atlantic. I sometimes think that the Titanic foreshadowed the next thirty years of European History, it was as though civilization itself went down with the ship. The fact that Priestly wrote the play in 1945, looking back on the turn of the century, makes me think he felt the same way.

Downunder, winter has camped itself in Canberra. The frost is thick every morning and it made for a miserable day on the golf course on Sunday. It was Mackenzie's last regular season match play confrontation and her team needed a win to make it to the grand final. Mackenzie didn't have her A game, but in the end sank a gutsy 6 footer on the final hole to help send the Federal Golf Club to the championship in 2 weeks against their nemesis, Royal Canberra... it should be good.

Malcolm and I take a decidedly more indoor approach to winter than Mackenzie by focusing our attention on the Baseball Tonight show and all of the daily news from MLB. We walk around asking each other what our "Natitude" level is - I'm thinking that doesn't happen in other homes. How we follow our favourite games from 30,000 kms away is amazing, thank goodness for satellite TV.

The Fiji trip has been booked for July. If you would like to visit us, we will be hanging out at the Sheraton Villa's starting on July 13th. If anyone wants to catch me before I lay into the Mai Tai's I would suggest heading there very early on the 13th or to be safe perhaps book the same flight.

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