Thursday, December 13, 2012

Can't Let Go

It's been a while between blogs.

No excuse really, though in my defence the last 5 weeks of term 4 have been a wild ride of late nights, early mornings and days that pulsed like 5 espresso coffee breaks.

But in the words of Lucinda's over!

I have officially finished my first novel. A good friend of mine edited the manuscript and I have punched up a few weak passages. I'm trying to determine how to distribute the final product. I may self publish or perhaps just create a separate blog for the book, we'll see. It undoubtedly needs more work but unlike the words of Lucinda Williams...I can let go.

Speaking of Lucinda, she was the sound track of last summer, as my daughter and I golfed all day and bought crunchy salads and gallons of lemonade for dinner every night. It's a formula that works and I say we should stick with it.

Tonight is the last day of the term for the children at Canberra Montessori and I write this blog to the pounding rhythm of our school's year end "Disco". I cannot believe the moniker for the event has not changed over the years; I thought Disco's went out with fanny packs but not down here south of the lake, old habits die hard.

I'll treat myself to a rye and coke tonight and jump to the score book tomorrow when the Weston Creek Indians take on some team called the Bandits. It's Malcolm's last game before the mid summer break; the season will resume in February when the temperature has dialed back down to a civilised level and the population of Canberra returns from the coast.

Tomorrow also marks the return home of my daughter who has been away for a week at the coast with friends for some much needed R and R. Seven days without Mackenzie at home makes one weak - we miss her. I am incredibly excited that she has asked me to caddy for her at the Australian Women's Amateur this year. Mackenzie will be up against the top amateurs in the country and it will be fun to watch and be part of the event. Can't wait.

Hope to have more time to blog over the summer.

Peace out,