Sunday, May 5, 2013

The CLUB a novel by Jack Rice

To all my dedicated blog readers out there who have been frustrated by my recent lack of not  fear, you can now read my blather to your hearts content!

I recently (as in this evening) published my first novel entitled "The Club" on the website "Wattpad". I encourage people to join Wattpad, find my book and start reading.

Wattpad is to writing as Youtube is to video. There are thousands of stories to pick and choose from and they are all free!

Just go to and register. If  you search the index of titles with the words Golf and Australia, I'm sure my little cover will jump onto your screen.

"The Club" is a little (well 24 chapters and 70,000 words) story I wrote last year. It was intended to be a few funny pages about a bunch of crazy characters at a golf course in Canberra; but it turned into a fairly touching little novel about the relationship between a golf pro and his young student.

Shannon and Mackenzie gave the book an initial read as did a couple of staff members at my school. At that point, I sent it to my good friend Chris Darling who helped with the editing. Once it was completed it sat on my computer for several months while I wondered how to get it out there. Wattpad was a perfect fit.

So I will leave it up to the public to judge...

And by the way, I have just completed the first draft of a second novel which has been printed and currently resides on Shannon's bedside table. If it is at all readable, I will post that one as well.

Happy Wattpadding everyone.

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